Technology Marketing at the Speed of Agile

Bringing technology products to market has always taken a lot of time and effort. Now, it also takes speed. In the era of instant communication, 24-hour continuous news, Twitter, Yelp, and more, you need to move fast to get your product out in front and keep it there.

Plans2Reality are expert at ‘Agile Marketing’ – the process of rapid product promotion, market research, feedback, and more promotion.

All projects go through crunch periods when there are more tasks than people. Chances are this need to get to market faster conflicts with other resource demands at your company.

Parallel execution can speed your time to market, but you need experienced professionals and a variety of resources on which you can rely. plans2reality (p2r) is a technical communications firm that has helped many clients reach their time-to-market goals by providing experienced technical communicators with engineering, marketing, and technical publications expertise.

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