P2R High Velocity Marketing Competes at the Mojave Mile

On April 12 and 13, Plans2Reality LLC will field its two-bike racing team at the Mojave Mile Top Speed Shootout – “The Fastest Mile in the West”. Riders compete for the fastest top speed in a standing-start mile.

What does motorsport racing have to do with technology marketing? A lot, actually. Building a competitive machine for any type of motorsport competition requires top-shelf technology, but it also requires that you deliver in a timely manner. No one cares how fast your car is if it is not ready in time for the start of the race. Designing and building a competitive vehicle strengthens “agile” development as well; one must be in a continuous cycle of test, improve, test again, while at the same time always hitting your major “release dates” (read “start of the race”).

So, wish us luck, and check back next week for pictures and videos.

Special thanks to Design Group C for construction help and Tracy at Social Strand Media (http://socialstrand.com) for promotional tips.

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