Examples of Our Work

We’ve provided technology marketing services for companies from Altera to Trina Solar. We’re still looked for a “Z” company  😉

Among our clients are:
Amlogic     Cap Gemini     Cirrus Logic
Exalt Communications     Guardian Analytics
Intel     Micronas     National Semiconductor
Panologic     Solyndra     Tak Imaging

Here are a few samples of our work:

A white paper on embedded DRAM: eDRAMWhitePaper
A wordless installation guide for solar panels: Wordless Installation Guide
A guide to wireless mesh: HotView Pro Reference Guide (Caution – large file size)
A  design guide for an SoC device: MiMgic 6 Developer’s Manual (Caution – large file size)
A press release for an IC family for automotive applications: MerLIN Press Release
An application note on byte ordering in microprocessor systems. Controversial at the time, it led to the near-universal practice of simply sensing byte ordering. ByteOrder