Our Racing Team

At Plans2Reality, high velocity isn’t just a marketing slogan. We’ve lined up a group of sponsors for our land speed record racing team. In 2013, we competed on the Bonneville Salt Flats and the airport at the Mojave Mile. Our rider, Dave Damon, was able to exceed 200 MPH at Mojave in the standing mile. He also broke 200 at the far-more-difficult venue of the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Why motorsport racing? It lives at the intersection of technology and marketing. Yes, marketing. Racing teams live on sponsorship money – advertising money – but they also have to deliver a high-technology product on time. No one cares how fast you are if you’re not ready when the race starts.

High tech is the same way – you have to invent; you have to innovate. You also have to deliver. On time. Or, as Steve Jobs once said, “Real geniuses ship.”

Stay tuned. We’re going back to Mojave for more records on more vehicles.